Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Three - Not Your Average Bar Fight

You get into an argument with another patron at a local bar, and the person challenges you to a fight out back. Because you've never been in a fight (and don't want this to be your first), you come up with a more creative way to settle your dispute. Write this scene

My Creativity
The music was pumping the dance floor and the lights were painting the walls. The dance floor was full as people moved to the beat. I hadn't wanted to go out, but I let my friends talk me into it. I sat and watched as they strut their stuff with everyone else. Being at the bar counter, my glass was never empty. I was drunk, really drunk. I hadn't been that bad since I was a teenager.

The song changed to a line dance, and one of my friends came to grab me. "There is no way you are going to sit this one out."

Everything spun as I stood up. Dance? I could barely stand. She continued to pull me towards the floor. I was yelling at her to stop, but of course she did not. So, there I stood in the line with all the other girls. Did you ever notice that it is almost always only girls who line dance. It's a cattle call, a butty shaking opportunity. This is when we get to catch the eyes of that one guy in the bar. You know, the guy you've been dying to talk to.

As I tried to follow the beat, I continuously bumped into the people around me. Being as drunk as I was, I found this funny. If I knocked everyone out, all the attention would be on me. At some point, I locked eyes with one of the watching guys. I noticed him because he was also laughing. I figured he was part of my private joke. So there I am, barely standing, certainly in to condition to dance, locking eyes with some stranger. Add it all together and it meant disaster. Trying to work my way towards him, while attempting to keep up with the moves, I knocked over a few more people. Apparently I also knocked over some girl's drink.

"Hey, watch it," she cried over the music.

"Relax," stumbled the words. "It's a bar."

"I know it's a bar. You just made me spill $7."

"Oh no $7 dollars." With that I walked closer to the guy. From behind I felt a hard push on mu shoulder. Whatever, some other dancer was probably having as much fun as I was. The bump was harder the second time, so I turned around and found myself looking into the angry eyes of the girl from earlier. "Really," I slurred. "It was an accident."

"You owe me a drink," she practically spat into my face.

"Whatever," I was now almost at the guy. He didn't seem to be smiling at me anymore; in fact he was looking past me. He was looking at the girl. Falling into his lap, I looked at him and giggled. "I know, crazy right."

The answer came from behind. "You have no idea how crazy. Now get off my man."

Not only had I spilled her drink, but I'd stumbled into her man. "Oops."

"Oops," she yelled. "Oops, really. Let's go outside and settle this."

My laugh came out more as a snort, "You can't be serious". She just glared at me. "It's a bar. Things happen."

"I said outside."

Not only do I think violence is never the option, but I'd never been in a fight. No way was this going to be my first and likely my only fight. Plus there was the fact that I was really drunk, and she was bigger than me. "How about we settle this like women instead of like men."

She looked at me. I could tell she was confused. Too be honest, I too was confused. How did women settle fights?

"I'm not gonna sit here and talk about our feelings."

I suppose that could have been one option, but I certainly hadn't be thinking about that. So what was I thinking. She continued to look at me, and I thought about walking away. Problem was, I knew that she would just follow me. I looked around the bar. "Those speakers," I pointed towards the two large speakers on either side of the dance floor. "We get up and see who can get their bra off first. No flashing them."

She started to laugh. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but it was all I had. Her boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, "Why not?"

"You're on," she replied rolling her eyes.

Was this really more dignified than fighting? At least no one was going to get hurt. Walking towards the speakers, I could feel the effects of the alcohol. The room was spinning. I knew what was coming. On cue, the gagging began. The people around me quickly dispersed as the alcohol left my system. I'm not sure how long I stood there being sick before passing out. The last thing I remember was the girl saying, "Well, I guess I won."

Final Note
Certainly not my best work. Not even that creative. Remember, I don't read the prompts ahead of time. I think perhaps I should have written it from an man's perspective. Settling the dispute should have been who could pick up the most girls by the end of the night. Writing from a male's point of view is something that I have never done and will have to work on.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week Two ~ The Thooth Fairy Thief

The Tooth Fairy visits your house in the middle of the night, only she isn't just taking you children's teeth. What else is she stealing from your house, and how do you attempt to stop her?

My Creativity
As a single mother, I was very excited when my only child lost her first tooth. I'd already done the Santa thing and the Easter Bunny thing, now I would get to do the Tooth Fairy thing.

When I tucked her into bed, I made sure that she'd placed her tooth under her bed. I told her all about the magic of the Tooth Fairy, "While you sleep at night, a lovely fairy will come down to visit you. She will use her fairy magic to take your baby tooth and leave you a small gift. She will collect other children's teeth throughout the night and then return to her world. There she will add your tooth to the collection. She has a special place for your tooth, a spot where she will eventually put all your teeth. So close your eyes and sleep tight; you don't want her not to come, do you?"

Of course she shook her head and rubbed her eyes. A final big yawn and she closed her eyes. I sat at the side of her bed and rubbed her back and ran my hand through her thick curly brown hair. Where had all the years gone? When I thought she was almost a sleep, I quietly left the room. As much as I enjoyed my daughter, I also enjoyed my evenings alone.

Popcorn in one hand and iced-tea in the other, I went to the family room. What better way to unwind than to watch some TV. As I sat there flipping through the countless channels, wondering how not one of them could have a descent show, I heard a small thump. I sighed heavily thinking for sure that it was my daughter coming to ask for a glass of water or another story. I flipped some more, hoping that I was wrong. Just when I was starting to think that I'd imagined the thud, I heard another one. So, I slowly got up. What part of the Tooth Fairy won't come if you aren't asleep didn't she understand? I was certain that tonight we would have avoided all the usually nighttime games.

I headed towards her room, annoyed and ready to tell her to get back to bed, when I saw a strange shadow in her doorway. I wondered if maybe I left the window open and something was blowing oddly. I could have sworn it looked like a fairy's shadow. I peeked my head into her room and saw nothing, so I returned to the couch. When I heard a third thud, I decided that I must be really tiered and headed for bed. First, I stopped in the kitchen to grab some change from the drawer. Of course, the bowl was empty.

I headed towards my room, to grab some change from my purse, when I saw the strange shadow coming from my room. It very clearly looked like a small body with wings. I figured exhaustion must be kicking in. When I turned the corner to enter my room, I saw it. I really saw it - the Tooth Fairy. I rubbed my eyes and wondered what I'd done that would make me hallucinate. It got worse when she started to hum. This couldn't be real! The Tooth Fairy was a myth. Every child grew to understand this. Another one of life's shattering realities. As strange as it was to see the Tooth Fairy, I decided just to go with it. If this is what my imagination wanted to see, then so be it. Maybe I was dreaming? Perhaps I'd fallen asleep on the couch.

The next thought that entered my mind was rather simple, 'what was the Tooth Fairy doing in my room? I had no baby tooth under my pillow'. Not wanting to startle the little fairy, I was still in the hallway and now watching through the door crack. I noticed that while she hummed, she was trying on my jewelry. Rings were being used as bracelets and bracelets were being used as necklaces. I half-smiled; even little fairies liked to play dress up. However, then I noticed that every so often, rather than return the item to its spot in the jewelry box, and item or two would find its way into her bag. The Tooth Fairy was robbing me.

My first thought was to run in there and smoother the little thing, but I worried that she'd use her fairy magic and escape. If this wasn't a dream, there was no way I was going to risk never seeing my valuables again. Ok, so most of the pieces were fake, but they were mine. My next thought was to catch her inside a butterfly net but let's get real, how many of use have a butterfly net sitting there ready for a fairy intrusion. Could I temp her with cheese or peanut butter? Who was I kidding, she wasn't a mouse. That's when it hit me.

I went to my daughter's room to make sure her tooth was still there. Thankfully it was. I knew the Tooth Fairy wouldn't leave without it. So I went to the kitchen and looked inside the junk drawer and found just what I needed. I went back to my daughter's room and slowly lifted her pillow. I gently reached in and grab the tiny tooth. I placed it in the mouse trap as bait and then put it all back under her pillow. I went to the corner of her room and sat down in her rocking chair, where I closed my eyes and waited.

I'm not sure how long I sat there before I heard the quit little grunts, but I opened my eyes and very slowly crawled over to the bed. I didn't want to walk in case my big shadow scared the Tooth Fairy away. When I got to the head of my daughter's bed, the tooth fairy was busy trying to avoid the trap and pull out the tooth. I reached up and grabbed her wings, "Drop the bag and put your hands up".
I'd always wanted to say that. The fairy struggled in my arms and eventually the bag fell. Still holding her wings, I picked up the bag with my other hand and dumped out the contents. Thankfully it was only my stuff and no teeth once belonging to strange children. I held out the now empty back; she grabbed it. "Now take your bag and don't come back. You are banished from my home." Would this work on her? Could fairies be uninvited in like vampires? Although, I'd never really invited her in to begin with?

As I contemplated these strange ideas, the Tooth Fairy continued to struggle in my grasp. "There is only room for one Tooth Fairy in this house, and it is me," I whispered in as threatening of a tone as one can whisper. I let go of her wings and watch as she flew away.

It had been an odd evening. I looked down at my peacefully sleeping daughter, kissed her head gently, and went to my room. It was time for bed.

In the morning, I felt a slight tug on my arm. When I opened my eyes, my daughter was looking at me with some degree of confusion.

"Mommy, why did the Tooth Fairy leave me a mouse trap?"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week One

Getting Your Money Back
You slide your card into the ATM and attempt to with draw cash, only to find that you account is empty. Something is wrong, as just yesterday, you had $5,000 in it. Only one person could be responsible for this-and without hesitation, you are off to confront that person and get your money back.

My Creativity
I stood there in the rain, mascara running down my face. My hair hung limply to my shoulders and my clothes clung to tightly. I hadn't even realized that it started raining so hard. I stood staring at the ATM screen 'insuficiant fund'. It wasn't even possible. However, I'd tried three times and three different ATMs, each one gave the same response. I could swear the last one was written in flashing bold letters so I'd finally register it as true. It couldn't be, only yesterday I had $5,000.

As the thunder crashed overhead, my heart skipped a bit. Not in fear, but in anger. I knew that there could only be one person responsible for this and there was no way he was going to get away with it. Lightening must have struck something close by, because the static in the air was enough to give me the push I needed. I was off and running.

It didn't take long for me to reach his apartment. I don't even recall stopping at crosswalks. I was lucky that there'd been no cars coming. Perhaps they felt my rage and hid. I pushed the button for his unit, but there was no answer, no buzz to open the door. I held my finger to it, swearing silently under my breath. What game was he playing at?

Moments before the hail started, the tenant from across the hall walked up the steps. I tried to smile, "I forgot my key, and I don't think he's home." Having seen me enough times, she didn't question this, she simply held the door open. She headed towards the elevator and I headed towards the stairs; I knew my adrenaline would get me there before any elevator. I took the stairs two or three at the time and the burst through the hallway door. I tried to calm myself as I approached his door, but the anger was clearly visible in my eyes. When I got to his door, I knocked. There was no answer, not even a sound. I knocked again, still nothing. Could he really be out?

I placed my hand on the door nob and turned it slowly towards the right, it opened easily. I didn't notice that there hadn't even been a click. As I stepped into the room, my anger disappeared in a flash. The place had been ravaged. The couch torn apart, the tables split in to, drawers emptied and thrown across the floor. Papers lay everywhere. I started to walk backwards, fully intending on leaving the apartment, and that's when I saw it. There was blood on the walls.