Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 21 ( Week 19 on sheet) A Cold Where You....Instead of Sneeze

A cold where you (fill in the blank) instead of sneeze.

My Creativity
I woke up and could feel the start of a cold tickling the back of my throat, and clogging up my sinuses. Even though I hadn't slept well that night, I knew that I needed to go to work. I'd taken too many sick days already. This was my year for catching ever cold or flu that was going around. Before heading out the door, I took a swig of DayQuill, grabbed my purse, and headed out the door.

I didn't mind that the traffic was moving slowly this morning. Usually I'd be cursing under my breath or mumbling rude comments. Not today. Today, I enjoy listening to the radio. Today, I enjoyed the long pauses in traffic. It gave my dry eyes a break.

I parked in my assigned spot and walked towards the elevator. I knew I was too late to make the mild- run morning stops. Part of me felt like pressing extra buttons just to get some extra stop on my way to the 25th floor. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone. I didn't think the stranger would appreciate that sort of child-like behaviour.

We'd just passed the fourth floor when I felt a sneeze building up. I was hoping to contain it. I am known for my perpetual sneezing chains. Not one or two sneeze, generally four. I brought my elbow up to cover the blow, but an odd thing happened. Instead of the normal "a-cho", a loud whistle, almost like a train, echoed around the tiny space. As if one wasn't bad enough, it was followed by three more. I kept my head down, knowing that the stranger was staring at me while trying to contain his laughter. Thankfully he got off at the 20th floor.

On the 27th floor I dragged myself to my office, still trying to figure out what had happened. I'd just taken off my coat and flopped down into my blue-swirly chair, when my assistant knocked on the door.

"Did you forget about the budget meeting this morning?" She questioned politely.

Of course I had, "No no, ran into nothing but silly obstacles this morning. To top it off traffic was slow".

"Shall I let them know you are on your way?" She was still new. A student intern. Very polite and professional, but also very shy. Sometimes she spoke so softly it was hard to make out words.

I stood up and grabbed a stack of papers, which were perched on the corner of my desk, "No, No. I'll head straight there."

Just as I was heading out the door another strange train-like whistle escaped my nose. My assistant was so caught of guard that a small chuckle easily escaped her mouth. As soon as I looked at her she blushed and looked towards the ground.

"Send any calls to voice mail," I half snapped. I turned before leaving her alone in my office,"please". I tried to be calm. It wasn't her fault that I was making strange noises. If I was on the other side of things, I would likely have a hard time containing my laugh as well. Not just because it is somewhat funny, but also because of the strange newly created awkwardness. All I could do now was hope that I'd be able to make it through the budget meeting without sneezing.

The team had already finished the breakfast and were now sharing quick weekly progress reports. Trying not to make a scene I quietly grabbed my coffee and went to my usual spot by the window. I loved looking out at the city from this head. Of course on the way to my chair, my quiet entrance turned into a major production as the whistle escaped my nose. Instantly the room went quiet. I looked at the coffee now decorating my blows and sat down. Just as my bum hit the chair out came the second, third, and forth new version of my sneeze.

Instead of silence the room burst out laughing. Was it shock, awkwardness, or an attempt to make me feel less embraced. "Um," I paused. "Isn't anyone going to say bless you". Confusion. I'm sure they were all trying to figure out how a loud, echoing whistle was a sneeze.

As I looked around the room a strong scent of someone's perfume waffled over. Great, here it came. Another whistle. Again laughter.

Today was going to be a long, long day.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 20 (week 18 on sheet) - You See a Face Through Your Dark Window

You always look out of dark window windows and wonder if something is out there. One night when you look, a small face with bright eyes appears at the window. Write about what you do, who/what it is, and why it's there.

My Creativity
I'm about to turn the lights out in my office. As always, I stop at the door and look out the window and into the darkness. Something I've been doing since I was a little girl. Just as I am about to turn around to leave the room, I spot something. Slowly I walk towards the windows. In the distance, out the left window, I see a pair of bright green eyes. Clear as can be, there is a small face with vibrant eyes staring at me just as I am staring at it.

I tilt my head slightly, the small head mimics my movement. I return my head to the centre, the small head does the same. I worry that if I leave the room to go outside, the being will vanish. Perhaps run off out of fear. I just know that I can't stand in my office all night without knowing who it is and why it is there.

I put my hand up, trying to motion for it to wait. I walked towards the doorway without averting me eyes. I am so focused on keeping eye contact that I bump into the door. Again, I put my hand up I, asking it to stay. I hope it can see the gesture.

As quickly as I can, I run towards the backdoor. I swing it open. The noise of the springs are louder than I realize. My heart stops. I can't see the eyes. I've lost the face.

"Hello," I call out in almost a whisper. No reply. I take. Step out into the darkness. "Hello," I call a little bit louder. Still nothing.

I can't even feel the frost on my feet as I walk away from the door towards my office window. I am trying to make myself small and less intimidating. I hear the rustle of leaves. I stop, although every part of me wants to run towards the sound. I look towards the noise and standing only a foot or so away is the small face, with its glowing green eyes.

I open my mouth to speak. Nothing! I am suddenly muted of sound. We both take tiny steps forward, almost on tiptoes. We are so close that we can feel each other's breath.

"You don't need to fear me," I hear inside my mind. It is not my voice, but no lips moved on the face. "I have watched you since you were young,". I'm not sure why, but this relaxes me slightly. An odd comfort has wrapped itself around me. "You know me," she pauses. "We have met before".

A rush of strange thoughts, completely irrational, illogical, random thoughts. I see red, and water, and cords. I do know know her. She was my...No it wasn't possible. It couldn't be.

"Don't fight it. You know it is truth."

She was my twin. A twin only in utero and never in life. "I show myself to you now only because I must." There was a hint of fear in her voice. "I show myself to you now only too warn you that he is coming."

He? "He is coming? He who? He why?"

There is no reply. I strain my eyes slightly to find the small face, the eyes that were standing I front of me, but they are gone. "He who?" I scream into the night air. Nothing. Silence. No reply.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 20 - Jan. 29 prompt from Writer's Digest Website

You are helping out a certifiable center by organizing donate items. When searching through an old suitcase, you suicide note dated six months prior. What's peculiar is that you know the person. What is even more peculiar is that the person is still alive. Write a story about when you pay that person a visit and ask him/her about the note. (500 words or fewer)

My creativity
You are standing outside her door; you are trying to decide whether you are going to knock. What would you say when she opened the door? Was it your place to confront or maybe it was comfort her. She obviously hadn't done anything. It was just a note - a note that was hidden away in a suitcase, which had been given away.

Your hand extents towards the doorbell, while you silently wish that she isn't home. Before your hand even returns to your jacket pocket the door opens.

She looks at you, surprised. "Hello," she says quietly. Perhaps it is your imagination but her voice sounds whacky. "What are you doing here?"

What were you doing there. "Um," you paused hoping that she will say something, waiting to be invited in. "Well um," still she say nothing. "May I please come in. I was hoping we could talk.

She looks behind, studying the inside of her home. Even from the door You can tell it is a mess. "I wasn't expecting anyone, so my house is..."

You stop her, "you should see my house."

She opens the door wider and motions for me to come in, "sure, please come in."

The moment the door closes you realize that this was a mistake. It was a personal affair, and you weren't close enough to be stepping in. Or maybe that was why you should. You were a bit removed. Less emotional.

"Have a seat," she politely offers. "Tea? Coffee."

"I'm fine that you," you reply while taking a seat beside a pile of what you hope is clean laundry waiting to be folded.

She sits in the chair opposite you. She offers nothing in the way of conversation, just stares at you.

Your throat is dry, maybe you should have asked for water. "I was going through some donation boxes and I found an old suitcase," you paused waiting for some type of reaction. Nothing. "I opened it to make sure there was nothing inside, and I found this, you take the folded paper out of your pocket. "A note, oneyou wrote." You clear your throat. "I believe it is a suicide note."

She starts laughing. Was she nervous? Emberrased? You certainly hadn't expected laughter.

"I was concerned and though perhaps..."

She stops you, "I working on a scrip," she giggles. "It was a monologue for the main character."

A play. A script. All that worry for nothing.

(494 words)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 19 (17 week on sheet) Voicemail From Boss

You get into work and find that your boss has left a voicemail message is urgent. But what's peculiar is that it is not work relate.

My Creativity
I got into work early, threw my stuff on the floor, and was about to get my coffee when I noticed that the message button was flashing on the phone. Normally I wouldn't think anything of it, but I couldn't remember the last time it was flashing first thing in the morning. Out of curiosity i thought I'd listen to it first.

Still standing, I grabbed the phone. I entered my password. I hated the message about having a message. I mean no kidding; why do you think I want to check for messages. It took me a moment to realize that the voice leaving the message was my boss.

"Julian, we need to discuss something of a personal nature. Please come to my office as soon as you get. It is urgent."

My heart sank. She wasn't the type of person to discuss non-business related information. I didn't even grab my purse or close my office door. I went straight there. As I walked into her office, she stood up.

"Julian, please sit down."

Without hesitation I sat. I didn't even notice that there were other people in the room.

"These gentlemen are here to talk to you." She gestured towards two police officers.

It was something to do with my children. Before they even started talking I started to cry. One of the officers walked over and put her hand on my shoulder.

The other started to talk, "Julian I am sorry to say that there has been an accident." My crying turned into full on sobbing. "Your husband was involved in a..."

That's all I heard. It couldn't be real.