Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Three - Not Your Average Bar Fight

You get into an argument with another patron at a local bar, and the person challenges you to a fight out back. Because you've never been in a fight (and don't want this to be your first), you come up with a more creative way to settle your dispute. Write this scene

My Creativity
The music was pumping the dance floor and the lights were painting the walls. The dance floor was full as people moved to the beat. I hadn't wanted to go out, but I let my friends talk me into it. I sat and watched as they strut their stuff with everyone else. Being at the bar counter, my glass was never empty. I was drunk, really drunk. I hadn't been that bad since I was a teenager.

The song changed to a line dance, and one of my friends came to grab me. "There is no way you are going to sit this one out."

Everything spun as I stood up. Dance? I could barely stand. She continued to pull me towards the floor. I was yelling at her to stop, but of course she did not. So, there I stood in the line with all the other girls. Did you ever notice that it is almost always only girls who line dance. It's a cattle call, a butty shaking opportunity. This is when we get to catch the eyes of that one guy in the bar. You know, the guy you've been dying to talk to.

As I tried to follow the beat, I continuously bumped into the people around me. Being as drunk as I was, I found this funny. If I knocked everyone out, all the attention would be on me. At some point, I locked eyes with one of the watching guys. I noticed him because he was also laughing. I figured he was part of my private joke. So there I am, barely standing, certainly in to condition to dance, locking eyes with some stranger. Add it all together and it meant disaster. Trying to work my way towards him, while attempting to keep up with the moves, I knocked over a few more people. Apparently I also knocked over some girl's drink.

"Hey, watch it," she cried over the music.

"Relax," stumbled the words. "It's a bar."

"I know it's a bar. You just made me spill $7."

"Oh no $7 dollars." With that I walked closer to the guy. From behind I felt a hard push on mu shoulder. Whatever, some other dancer was probably having as much fun as I was. The bump was harder the second time, so I turned around and found myself looking into the angry eyes of the girl from earlier. "Really," I slurred. "It was an accident."

"You owe me a drink," she practically spat into my face.

"Whatever," I was now almost at the guy. He didn't seem to be smiling at me anymore; in fact he was looking past me. He was looking at the girl. Falling into his lap, I looked at him and giggled. "I know, crazy right."

The answer came from behind. "You have no idea how crazy. Now get off my man."

Not only had I spilled her drink, but I'd stumbled into her man. "Oops."

"Oops," she yelled. "Oops, really. Let's go outside and settle this."

My laugh came out more as a snort, "You can't be serious". She just glared at me. "It's a bar. Things happen."

"I said outside."

Not only do I think violence is never the option, but I'd never been in a fight. No way was this going to be my first and likely my only fight. Plus there was the fact that I was really drunk, and she was bigger than me. "How about we settle this like women instead of like men."

She looked at me. I could tell she was confused. Too be honest, I too was confused. How did women settle fights?

"I'm not gonna sit here and talk about our feelings."

I suppose that could have been one option, but I certainly hadn't be thinking about that. So what was I thinking. She continued to look at me, and I thought about walking away. Problem was, I knew that she would just follow me. I looked around the bar. "Those speakers," I pointed towards the two large speakers on either side of the dance floor. "We get up and see who can get their bra off first. No flashing them."

She started to laugh. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but it was all I had. Her boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, "Why not?"

"You're on," she replied rolling her eyes.

Was this really more dignified than fighting? At least no one was going to get hurt. Walking towards the speakers, I could feel the effects of the alcohol. The room was spinning. I knew what was coming. On cue, the gagging began. The people around me quickly dispersed as the alcohol left my system. I'm not sure how long I stood there being sick before passing out. The last thing I remember was the girl saying, "Well, I guess I won."

Final Note
Certainly not my best work. Not even that creative. Remember, I don't read the prompts ahead of time. I think perhaps I should have written it from an man's perspective. Settling the dispute should have been who could pick up the most girls by the end of the night. Writing from a male's point of view is something that I have never done and will have to work on.

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