Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 14 - (Week 11 from sheet) Create a New Human-esque Race

Create a new human-esque race and describe it as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to describe appearance, culture, values, beliefs...

On a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a small tribe of creatures exist in relative harmony. Very few people are aware of the island, much less the tribe. It has been said that from a distance they look like humans, but up close their skin sparkles and their tiny ears sit on either side of their forehead. Some have described their ears as soft tuffs of fur similar to a rabbit, others say they are harder like antlers. I say why can't they be both? Perhaps it is the females who have the soft tuffs of fur and the males have the antlers. They are of slight build and stature. Their joints for flexible than ours. Graceful? I believe it is what makes the so agile. Life on the island is very different from the societies we know.

Each home rests high in the trees and connected to the other homes only by vines. Even though children enjoy swinging to each home, elders glide across the tight-rope paths. Should they need to venture to the ground, their sharp claw like fingers make skittering up and down the tree trunks easy. Given that they are forgers, the opportunity seldom presents itself, though the older children enjoy sneaking off and venturing on their own. Always careful to blend with the nature around them. They can not risk being seen by their prey or worse a human. Only a couple of times has a human boat stumbled across their secret sanctuary.

Family is important to them, not just as a necessity for survival (strength in numbers) but also out of loyalty. From the moment of conception the fetus creates an attachment and knows its roots. Parents live in the hut opposite their grown, married children. Those who have yet to wed do not leave to live on their own. It becomes their responsibility to tend to their aging parents and to one day take the home on as their own.

While whom they chose to marry is not prearrange, each individual is only allowed to court others from within an assigned clan. The pre-selection process is assembled by the elders. Part of it is to avoid unintentional within-family marriages, but the main reason is to ensure genetic comparability. Children must posses certain skills and appearance based on their heritage.

Even though they live within family units, they work as a community. Each clan has a responsibility to undertake. Some as are simple tasks and others much more complicated. Those who hunt and those who look after the vines risk death everything the job is underway. These heroes, along with healers, teachers, and spiritual guides are revered. The community need them for survival. They are decorated in jewels and given the first right of refusal on food. Celebration are held in their honour. To work with them is a privilege.

Should conflict arise, which it seldom does, the individuals are banished to the ground. They are left in a virtually unexplored area of the forest. Should they survival and find their way home, they are welcomed back. Time as been served. The individual(s) were given time to reflex on their deeds. Should they committee any other offence, they are banished to the ocean in a raft with few provisions for survival. While there is no formal judicial system, the revered tend to play a large role. However they do look to the community for advice. Each clan sends a representative to speak on their behalf.

Earth, the connectivity between nature and energy, is what guides them. Protection of life, all things living, is the foundation of most choices. They represent the entities who provide for them. They act on the earth's request.

Most might not have heard of them or their little island, but they are with us in so many ways. It is because of them that new spices are discovered. It is because of them that creatures from centuries ago still roam. The talk the to the sun and mood. They guide the winds and ocean waves. They are the forces we can not see.

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