Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 6 - "I know I'm Supposed to Keep This a Secret, But..."

This will be a very short paragraph today. My main focus is finishing my novel.

The plane lifts off the runway and into the air. The person next to you turns and quietly whispers in your ear, "I know I'm supposed to keep this a secret, but I absolutely must tell someone."

My Creativity
The plane had just taken off, and I was trying to get comfortable. Unfortunately the plane had been overbooked, and I didn't end up with a window seat like I'd requested. I guess that's why people pay  the extra for guaranteed seating. To make matters worse, I didn't get the aisle seat either. I was in the middle.

They guy by the window was already snoring and the person on the aisle wouldn't stop fidgeting. I put in my headphones, leaned my seat back, and closed my eyes. Even though I am a frequent flyer, I have never been a good passenger. No, I am not one of these people who drinks to get through a flight, nor do I get agitated. In fact, if you were to see me on a plane, you wouldn't even know that I was uncomfortable being in the air. My irrational belief is that my fear keeps the plane in the air. Yes, the minute I start to relax, the plane will hit turbulence and remind me to be afraid. I truly believe that if I stop being afraid, the plane will fall from the air.

So there I am trying to get comfortable and hopefully fall asleep, so my mind will stop talking to me. Just when I think I am about to drift off, the women beside me on the aisle starts to poke me. At first I think that she is simply trying to get comfortable, so I ignore her. As she continue to poke, I sigh heavily. The next thing I know, she takes off my headset. Before I have a chance to respond, her mouth is up by my ear.

I can feel her breath as she says, "I know I'm supposed to keep this a secret, but I absolutely must tell someone."

You can only image how quickly that got my attention. My heart started to beat faster and the blood drained from my face. I looked at the woman who now sat with a huge grin on her face. She didn't look like a terrorist. That's when it occurred to me that I had no idea what a terrorist was actually supposed to look like. I cleared my throat and reached up to press the flight attendant call button.

She pushed my hand down before I reached the button, "Did you hear me?"

I smiled back; the last think I wanted to do was engage in this conversation. The problem was, it didn't seem like pissing her off would be a good idea.

"Yes," my voice squeaked out.

"So, don't you want to know what I know?"

Did I? Did I want to know that there was a bomb on the plane or a crazy gunman aboard? Would it be better to just die in ignorance? Now that the question of a secret was out there, of course I wanted to know. How else was I going to relax.

"Do I?" She just sat there with her silly, child-like grin. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and replied "Sure".

She giggled. This crazy woman actually giggled before telling me the plane was going to crash and my life was over. Of all the seats on the plane, how did I end up in this one. I was afraid, very afraid. Could my fear keep the plane from crashing?

She leaned in closer, "You're boyfriend has two seats in first class, and he as soon as the seat belt sign goes off, he is going to come back here and propose to you."

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