Monday, August 20, 2012

The birth of creativity

I was once told that the best way to get a story started was to sit with a pen and a blank piece of paper and then just start writing. Maybe the writing would lead to something and maybe it wouldn`t. It was the process and the exercise of it. There is something very intimate about handwriting poems or stories. There is a bond between the brain and the hand. Most of my creativity has been born on paper and then later typed up. Pages that started electronically were always filled with millions of notes, usually connect with numbers and arrows. I suppose that those days are gone, most people dictate into a digital recorder or type.

So, here I begin. At least once a week, I will start a new entry based on one of the 52 Writing Prompts in the spring 2012 issue of Writing Basics. Occasionally I may create an entry based on one of the Writer`s Digest contest.

I invite you to add your comments and edits. I encourage you to write your own entry. What I will not tolerate in swearing or put-downs. Feedback must be constructive.

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