Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 18 (16 on sheet) Treasure Awaits

Treasure Awaits
You receive a letter in the mail from an out-of-town relative asking you to drop everything and meet him in Boston. He doesn't say why, but signs off the letter (just above his name) with the phrase: "Treasure awaits."

My Creativity
I'd just sat down with my afternoon tea and had started sorting through the mail: bill, bill, junk...I stopped. I didn't recognize the handwriting on the ivory envelope. It was addressed to me, but the return address was smudge. All I could make out was the word Boston. Who did I know in Boston?

I examined the off-white envelope, deciding whether to open it. It was sealed with a tiny sticker. The sticker looked like some type of bird, maybe a parrot. The corners were a little bit tattered; had it been dropped in a puddle. It would certainly explain the smudged return address. Without even realizing it, I started opening it up. Hopefully the inside content hadn't been ruined.

For the most part it was ok. There were some smudged words, but none that I couldn't fill in or make out. My eyes instantly went down to the signature at the bottom. What caught my eyes first was the words, "Treasure Awaits". Just below was the name, Kyler. Wow, I hadn't heard from him in years. I think the last time I saw him was at another cousin's wedding.

Dear Mandy,
I know it has been awhile since we've seen each other, but it is urgent that I see you now. I have recently moved to Boston. You must drop everything and meet me. I can't say much more in the letter; I fear someone else might read it. Once you flight is booked, text me at the following number (555)-555-5555. Make sure all it contains is a single line was time of arrive. Nothing more. I will figure it out from there.
(Treasure awaits)

I retread it a number of times. Why so cryptic? What was he talking about? I couldn't just drop everything to meet him. Or could I? My curiosity getting the better of me. I pulled out my laptop to look at flights. There was one leaving in a few hours. Could I make it? Where was my passport?

I quickly booked my ticket, leaving the return date open, and then through a bunch of cloths and toiletries in a small suitcase. I grabbed my keys and looked around the room. Was I forgetting anything? I went back in and quickly called the office, "I won't be able to come into work for the next little while. There is a family emergency. I will phone once I have a better sense of timing."
I hung up; hopefully I would still have a job to come back to.

I was so frazzled when I got to the airport. I hadn't given myself much time. Of course I peep a number of time while going through security. Eventually we concluded that it was likely the underwire in my bra. I walked briskly to the gate and sat down. I barely had time to text "AC123" before they began general boarding.

I fumble with my ID, holding up the line, and tried to pull my carry one with the uncooperative wheels. When I finally sat down in row D, by the window, I took a deep breath. I'd made it. Shortly after the plane took off, I stood to go to the toilet. It was then that I noticed my pants were inside out.

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