Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Five - One Memorable Night

Note: Sorry I am a week late. I've been trying not to get sick and also getting ready for my time away.

While at a bar, your high school sweetheart approaches you and gives you an unexpected kiss on the lips. This causes you to have an intense reaction that will lead to a very memorable night - but not for good reasons.

My Creativity
Standing by the bar, I was watching the ladies dance. It was just a matter of figuring out who would be my mark. After making eye contact with a girl for most of a song, I decided to approach her. As I left the bar and headed towards the dance floor, I was abruptly stopped. Next thing I knew, I was locking lips with my high-school sweetheart. We'd dated for two years. At the time I thought she was the love of my life; I'd even thought about proposing. Instinct took over, and I found myself kissing her back. My one hand instantly cradling her face and the other on her back. Just as suddenly as the kiss started, it stopped. She pulled away and slapped me across the face.

I stood there dumbfounded. A small group of onlookers had now gathered. Had it been a guy, I would have hit back. I stood there, my mouth gaping open. A very obvious erection was starting to swell in my pants. Was it the kiss or the slap that had turned me on? Did it matter?

I flinched as she took a step towards me. There was a strange fire in her eyes. I saw passion and pain. Perhaps she was waiting for me to reacted. As I went to pull her closer, she slapped me again.

"How could you?" she screamed over the music.

"You kissed me," I replied, trying not to let me mixture of anger and lust show.

Small pools of water were filling her eyes. Unable to see her cry, I redirected my view. Maybe I could still catch the eyes of the dancing girl. Although she was still swaying to the music, she was certainly not paying attention to me. Sensing my stare, she looked up and shock her head. Well, hocking up with her was out of the question.

"Look at me," she paused. "Look at me," she hollered.

Tears where now streaming down her soft, pale skin. She looked so vulnerable.

"What?", I yelled back. "What do you want from me?" I paused. "You left me."

She seemed to be shacking. "I know," she answered softly. "We were going different ways. It was the easy thing to do."

"Easy for you."

"No, for you." Her head slumped down, and her shoulders heaved. "You were going to university. You had a scholarship. I couldn't be the one to hold you back."

"You're crazy if you thought it was easy for me," my voice continuing to be a little too loud. "It was selfish."

With a quick look up at me, she turned to walk away. Obviously leaving was her thing. I reached out to grab her arm, but at the last minuted decided against it. I wasn't going to let her get into my head. Almost in a trance, I was following her outside the bar. How could she still have so much power over me?

Thin snow was falling from the sky, and the wind was tossing around garbage from the littered parking lot.

"You can't walk away this time," I called after her.

She stopped and looked at me, "You really have no idea do you?" She no longer seemed to be crying. "You wouldn't have been able to handle it."

"Handle what? I thought you were coming to live near campus with me."

"I couldn't go anymore."

"We could have done the long distance thing."

"No, I had to let you go."

"It wasn't your decision to make alone."

Tears started to fall down her cheeks again, "You couldn't have handled it."

"Whatever." Cold and angry I started to walk towards my car. I wasn't playing silly high-school games.

As I went to open my car door, I turned to take a final look at the girl from my past. She was gone.

"Stop," she cried just as I was getting inside. "She would have changed everything."

"She? She who? Stop talking in circles. Lose the code."

"Your daughter."

I dropped down into the driver's seat. "My daughter," I whispered back.

"I found out I was pregnant shortly after prom. I knew you would have given up everything to help me, help us. I wasn't going to have a pity relationship. I wasn't going to ruin your plans. I..."

I'd stopped listening. "I have a daughter," I continued to say under my breath. "A daughter."

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