Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 20 - Jan. 29 prompt from Writer's Digest Website

You are helping out a certifiable center by organizing donate items. When searching through an old suitcase, you suicide note dated six months prior. What's peculiar is that you know the person. What is even more peculiar is that the person is still alive. Write a story about when you pay that person a visit and ask him/her about the note. (500 words or fewer)

My creativity
You are standing outside her door; you are trying to decide whether you are going to knock. What would you say when she opened the door? Was it your place to confront or maybe it was comfort her. She obviously hadn't done anything. It was just a note - a note that was hidden away in a suitcase, which had been given away.

Your hand extents towards the doorbell, while you silently wish that she isn't home. Before your hand even returns to your jacket pocket the door opens.

She looks at you, surprised. "Hello," she says quietly. Perhaps it is your imagination but her voice sounds whacky. "What are you doing here?"

What were you doing there. "Um," you paused hoping that she will say something, waiting to be invited in. "Well um," still she say nothing. "May I please come in. I was hoping we could talk.

She looks behind, studying the inside of her home. Even from the door You can tell it is a mess. "I wasn't expecting anyone, so my house is..."

You stop her, "you should see my house."

She opens the door wider and motions for me to come in, "sure, please come in."

The moment the door closes you realize that this was a mistake. It was a personal affair, and you weren't close enough to be stepping in. Or maybe that was why you should. You were a bit removed. Less emotional.

"Have a seat," she politely offers. "Tea? Coffee."

"I'm fine that you," you reply while taking a seat beside a pile of what you hope is clean laundry waiting to be folded.

She sits in the chair opposite you. She offers nothing in the way of conversation, just stares at you.

Your throat is dry, maybe you should have asked for water. "I was going through some donation boxes and I found an old suitcase," you paused waiting for some type of reaction. Nothing. "I opened it to make sure there was nothing inside, and I found this, you take the folded paper out of your pocket. "A note, oneyou wrote." You clear your throat. "I believe it is a suicide note."

She starts laughing. Was she nervous? Emberrased? You certainly hadn't expected laughter.

"I was concerned and though perhaps..."

She stops you, "I working on a scrip," she giggles. "It was a monologue for the main character."

A play. A script. All that worry for nothing.

(494 words)

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