Here you will find a collection of my poems; some good and others not so good.

As I watched the leave changing
the summer romance is fading.
I know without the beach and sun
the fling we had is done

As we start to drive away
my heart yearns to stay.
I know my heart will scar
the further apart we are

As you fade into the distance
even strangers feel my resistance.
I know they hear my prayer
the way they see me stare.

As I listen to the bus engine roar
a single tear falls to the floor
I know that you can see
the pain this is causing me

As I pass by more trees
they start to lose their leaves
I know that you are gone
the winter will be long.

Okay, definitely not one of my best. I don't generally write rhyming poems; plus, it has been a long time since I've written a poem at all.

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