Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 17 (15 on sheet) Anonymous Love

Prompt ~ Anonymous Love
You've been playing Scrabble with an anonymous person online. After some Internet chatting, you realize that you both live in the same town and decide to meet at a local pub. What you didn't expect was to fall in love.

My Creativity
I stood in front of the mirror with my third outfit on. Nothing that I chose seemed right. The red dress was too sexy and said I was easy; the jeans and sweater were to casual; the jeans and blouse were to business like. In the end I settled on a cute little shirt, leggings, and high boots. I wore my favourite 3/4 length shirt, with a v-neck line; underneath I wore a coordinating tight undershirt to hide some of the cleavage. Why was this so hard? I was simply going to meet a friend. Someone I've known for months: for months online.

There is was, the problem. Did I really know this person? Sure we've been playing scrabble for months and chatting for weeks, but did we really know each other? You hear all the time about people becoming someone else on line, creating a new persona. He seemed to honest though. I guess they all do. I only agreed to meet him because it would be in a very public setting. I figured that nothing could happen to me there. I also made sure that my friends knew where I was going and who I was going to meet. I gave them all the information about him that he'd given to me. I felt like I was being paranoid, but you just never know.

My hair was in a simple up do and my make-up was very light. I felt good. I grabbed my long red jacket and walked out to the cab. I decided that if the evening was a big disaster I could at least drink the night away. It never occurred to me that drinking also meant I'd be more vulnerable. Maybe I should have had a friend drop me off and pick me up?

I took a deep breath and got out of the cap. Even though it was cold outside, I stood in front of the pub door. What was I doing? I didn't meet strangers from online? I couldn't just stand him up. I took my cell phone out. I was prepared to call him to cancel. I was curious though. What did this stranger look like? Was he the same in person? Plus, it seemed a bit harsh to cancel when I was already at the bar. What if he'd seen my red coat get out of the cab? So, I walked into the pub and looked around. We'd agreed to meet by the pool tables. I had no idea there would be so many people at the pub on a week night.

I'm not sure how confident I looked walking towards the crowd of people, but as I passed a table I heard my name. Did I turn around? Could I pretend I hadn't heard him? As I stood there contemplating my decision, I felt a tap on my should? Once again I heard my name, only as more of a question this time. I put on my best glad to be here smile and turned around. He was just as I'd pictured him. Medium height and build, with dark brown hair (almost black), and hazel eyes.

"Hello" I replied

"I got us a table."

He pulled out a chair for me. "Um, thank you." Was this an act? Did gentlemen still exist?

"What are you drinking?"

I had sort of thought we'd have separate bills. I should have known he'd be treating. "Um," what was all my "ums"? He'd think I was an airhead. An articulate airhead. "Vodka Seven."

"I'll be right back."

I couldn't help but look at his cute little ass as he walked towards the bar. He wore a pair of jeans that weren't too tight or too loose, so they really shaped it nicely. It felt strange checking him out like that. Would I look at my other male friends' butts? I suppose I would or perhaps I've have.

He returned to the table and sat across from me. I thought the conversation would be awkward, but it wasn't. We were two people, two friends chatting. The problem was that as he talked I couldn't take my eyes of his. I don't even remember him leaning forward and taking me hands. The sat in the middle of the table wrapped in his hands. His strong hands. They were dry. His fingers were long. I noticed the way the corner of his lip turned up slightly as he said certain words. I watched his from his Os. Something was happening that I hadn't counted on at all. I was falling in love.

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