Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 13 (Week 29 sheet) - Christmas Ghost

Note: I am writing this one a week late, yes again. I have also skipped ahead to the prompts relating to Christmas.

While hanging up your Christmas lights, you a flagged down by a neighbourhood kid who offers to help. As he helps you, he tells you about the Christmas ghost that haunts his house. What's odd is that you've noticed some of the same things happening around your house. Write this scene.

My Creativity
Every year it is the same old thing: my wife nagging me to put up the Christmas lights. It doesn't matter how much I despise the task. To make matters worse, it doesn't seem to matter how carefully I put them away the previous year, they are always still bundles in one huge knot. It also doesn't matter if I untangle them inside the house, by the time I get outside they are once again knotted.

This year I am actually ahead of the game. I am not doing it last minute, nor is it the coldest day of the year.

Latter up, lights in hand, I am armed for the task. Why did we buy a house with such a high roof and large trees?

I have a few lights up, when I hear a voice below me. It is a kid. I think he must live by us because I recognize him.

"Hey mister, can I help you?"

Even though I' much prefer to do it myself, something up the boy makes me agree. As he feeds me the string of lights, he starts talking. How I find myself longing for silence. Suddenly something he says catches my attention.

"Don't you think it's weird?" The boy looks at me. "I mean why does it only show up at Christmas?"

Embarrassed that I hadn't fully been paying attention, "Tell me again what you've noticed."

"Really it's mostly the little things, " he pauses as if to confirm that I am actually paying attention this time. "Things like the humming of Christmas tunes when no one is around, or gifts changing spots under the tree without having been touched." I must have looked at him with some confusion, but I think he took it as doubt. "There have been other things, bigger things," he says somewhat defensively this time."

I stop hanging the lights to really pay attention now. "Really?"


"We'll, like what?" And I really do what to know.

"Like the Christmas tree lights turning on when no one else is home, or the stockings falling off the hooks. Then there was the time when no matter which TV station I went to, it was the same Christmas show at the same spot. I mean really, what are the odds of that?"

Do I let him know that a few of those things have happened at our house? Does that make me crazy, him crazy, or both of us? "The Christmas Ghost," I accidentally say allowed I stead of in my mind.

"He just wants to be included," the boy pauses. He is remembering something. "Christmas, the favourite time of year."

"The favourite time of year," I repeat. I wait for the boy to answer, but there is no reply. In fact, there are no foot prints leading up to the latter but my own.

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