Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 9 - Office Move Gone Wrong

Again I lost track of time; I will blame it on the approaching holidays. There is of course also the fact that I lost the sheet of paper. I am finding that as I try to build up my writing career, so much of my time is consumed with online socializing,

Your move to a new office building hits a major hurdle when you arrive for your first day only to find out your name wasn't on the move list.

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I stood in my tiny cramps cubicle  on Friday night looking at all of boxes. The moving company would be coming over the weekend to take them all to the new building. I was excited about finally getting my own office. I would be able to close a door.

I got up earlier than usual on Monday; I wanted to start unpacking and organizing as soon as possible. I've never been one for clutter to chaos.

As soon as I walked into the new building, I sensed that something was wrong. I walked around looking for a door with my name on it; I tried to find my boxes. I saw neither. Maybe stuff was still being moved over.

"How do I know where to go?" I asked the first familiar person I saw.

"There is a list posted by the staff lounge," he replied and pointed down the long hall.

I wasn't shocked to see that my name was missing; I had feared as much. I was, however, worried about all of my supplies and files. Thankfully as I stood there staring blankly at the list, the HR manager walked into the room.

"Um, if my name isn't on the list what should I do?"

She walked over, "Everyone is on the list." She placed her finger on the board and ran it down the list of names. "Hum," she paused. "I will be right back."

She returned a few minutes later with a guy I hardly knew. I vaguely remember a meeting where he was designated office moving coordinator.

He smiled, "Let's see what we have here." He studied the list. "Maybe we accidentally placed you alphabetically by your first name." He looked at the list again. "We'll then."

The three of us stood there in a awkward silence. "Does this mean I get to work from home?" I tried to giggle. There was no response. "Maybe just the day off then," I smiled.

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