Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 12 - Changing Your Childhood

Pick an event from your childhood that you wish would have gone differently. Write it as though it had happened ideally.

note: This is difficult for me because I believe that without each experience I've had, I would not be who I am today. Every second in life shapes and guides us. However, for the sack of this exercise, I will try to think of something.

My Creativity
It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was out and the grass hadn't yet turned brown. The leaves must have been changing colours, although I can't remember. The wooden school desk was extremely uncomfortable, but all I could do was sit and wait for the school bell to ring. The seven hills were beckoning me. I swear I could hear the wind whisper a message, even through the closed window.

Every one was lined up now, trying as hard as possible to stay still so our teacher would let up leave a little early. It hadn't happen yet; it was only the third week of grade one. The ringing bell could barely be heard over the stomping of feet and the giggles of hundreds of children grabbing their lunch.

Finding a seat in the lunch room was easy. Every grade was assigned certain tables. Knowing that the sky was clear, we ate quickly. I ran straight to the hill. My big sister was there with her friends. I was still young enough that she liked me. We were fooling around on the hill. She was pushing me off her of feet. Like a projectile I flew in the air, or at least it felt like I did. Of course, I didn't actually go far. We played the game until her legs tired. It was on the last launch that I landed with my wrist in a gopher hole. I sat up and started to cry. It hurt so badly. My sister wiped away the tears, help me up, took my other hand, and walked me to the office. She sat with me while I waited for ice. She stayed until I was ready to go back to the classroom.

I broke my arm and had to wait for my mom to come pick me up. At the time we only had one car. I'm not sure if she took the bus or a cab, but waiting felt like forever. She came into the office and signed me out. After we went to my locker, we left the school. Instead of getting into some type of vehicle, she held my good hand and we walked up the seven hills to the waiting hospital at the top.

(apprently I looked at the sheet wrong - this should be week eleven. I guess I'll have to do that one later.)

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