Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 16 (week 14 on sheet) - Rejection Letter to Your Past Self

Rejection Letter to Your Past Self
Write a letter of rejection to your past self, explaining why you needed to go through the rough patches that complicated your life to grow as a writer.

Note: I have to be honest,I am not sure that I understand what this prompt is asking me to write. I'm not sure if it is the wording or the fact that I am still half asleep. I will give it my best.

Dear Bronwen,
Life is full of failures and successes. Sometimes life goes along smoothly and other times life gets complicated. It is these complication that often cause feelings of inadequacy and full the desire to give up. The thing is, these rough patches actually help to change the individual that you become.

For as long as I can remember, you've wanted to be a writer. I remember a number of times when the possibility of that dream ever coming true seemed impossible.

You can't be a writer because you don't know how to spell, and your grammar is atrocious. Great writers do not have dyslexia or other non-verbal learning disabilities. No one wants to read things that are littered with errors. (Thankfully the invention of computers has taken some of the pressure off. Add to that the fact that mom is great at grammar. It is also nothing that a few English courses won't help with. In fact, one day you will even teach a tight-writing course.)

You find it difficult to complete longer stories. The end never seems good enough and there is always more you can say. Eventually, you do need to let go. A natural ending will write itself. Plus, there is nothing wrong with writing short stories or even a whole series. Don't be scared to end the story and move onto another project. I know that part of it is fear, but fear of what? Really ask yourself that. No one wants incomplete work.

Don't stop writing your poetry? It is a valuable release for your emotions. Write them for yourself and no one else. If you try to fit a certain mold, the poems will come across empty. No one wants to publish poems that seem false, unless of course you pay. Don't get discouraged by the awards that you "pay to win". Lots of writers have fallen for those.

When people don't like your writing, it is not a reflexion on you. As hard as it is, you need to separate yourself from your writing. They are not rejecting you. If a publisher says "no" don't stop trying. Grow. Ask yourself why they won't publish it.

Writing requires a commitment. Are you committed? I don't think you are. Now yet. You need to really want to be a writer. You need to explore various avenues to break into the market. Look at associations and opportunities to do readings. Enter contests, write for magazines...grow your experience and your portfolio. Practice the craft.

Above all, write because you enjoy it. Write for yourself.

Yours truly,

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